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These masterclasses are designed to provide you with our ‘limited edition’ content – content that is currently a hot topic, based on the latest science and insight, or bringing an industry expert to the table to give you the inside story and all the tips & tricks of the trade on a specific topic!

We give you the opportunity to tune in with a brew (or glass of vino obvs!), suck up the learning from the comfort of your own sofa AND get involved and interact through a LIVE Q&A! You don’t want to miss these.

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Do you want to know how to unlock your potential, take control and bring personal power to everything you do. When you step into your power, you have the belief to do more, give more, be more and create a legacy which inspires others to dream more, become more.

Through the building of her worldwise business BalletBeFit, Rachel recognised the importance of mindset and using certain strategies to build a sustainable and profitable business.

She helps educate woman to have inner strength, remove negative beliefs and help them learn the valuable strategies on how to build a thriving business and to remain ahead and relevant in the incredibly competitive business world.


Our stories are our gifts to share and one of the BEST ways to connect.

Fear of public speaking, or Glossophobia, is the number one fear in the world and it is Dani’s zone of genius to help people smash through those fears and get speaking.

Dani will share with you how you can use speaking to fill your sales funnel with more of your ideal people, convert more of them into loyal clients and generate new revenue streams.

Dani Wallace, public speaking coach, motivational speaker and fearless leader of the I Am The Queen Bee Movement helps people the world over share their business and mission messages so that they can reach more people and earn more money.


A customer journey map is a very simple idea: it is a combination of User Experience (UX) and a visual in the form of a map that illustrates the steps your customer(s) go through in engaging with your company, whether it be a product, retail experience, a service or any combination AND the steps they take once they have engaged with you. However, most companies don’t create the customer journey for a number of reasons. They may not know what it is or how to put one together.

Having a customer journey within your company not only makes it easier for your ideal customer to buy from you but also help you to promote and sell yourself in a way that is natural. During Amanda’s session entitled “Creating a Beautiful Customer Journey, On and Offline” she will show you the 11 steps needed to create the perfect customer journey.

Amanda is a leader in the field of Digital Marketing. She is the Founder of the award-winning company, Koogar, working as a Marketing Architect providing integrated marketing solutions and strategies to Business Owners, Solopreneurs and Marketing Managers throughout the UK. Helping them create an authentic brand without compromise!

MONDAY 24th AUGUST – 8pm

Everyone has their own about money and stories they tell themselves. Some may be empowering. But for the most part, they can be severely limiting; of people’s potential, their wealth and ultimately their happiness.

This Money Happy Mindset Masterclass will help to uncover some of those stories, beliefs and barriers and offer a simple approach to releasing them.

Emma Shaw is a transformational life coach who is on a mission to help people ‘incredibilize’ their lives. She helps people who have a deep sense that they’re destined for something else and won’t accept ‘just ok’ as enough anymore. Using her natural skills and diverse toolkit as a coach and intuitive empath, she has a deeply spiritual calling to help people break free from whatever is holding them back. “To help people create amazing, fulfilling and joyful lives, careers and relationships. That is my mission. That is simply what I am here for.”



“Confidence” can feel elusive… but once you find it, everything changes. Goals that once felt unobtainable become achievable and your new sense of empowerment allows you to make decisions that can literally transform your life.

Lizi’s masterclass will make confidence possible – even easy – for you to achieve. She’ll teach you one powerful secret to being confident and you’ll leave knowing exactly what you need to do to become the confident and empowered woman you always longed to be.

Lizi Jackson-Barrett is a coach, a confidence expert and a bestselling author and speaker (she held a main stage slot at Womanifest)! She’s fearlessly focused on empowering women to stop wasting physical, emotional, spiritual and financial energy on trying to change to fit within a narrow definition of “good enough”, and instead she shows them the power of using that energy to concentrate on what makes them truly happy and fulfilled.