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We give you the opportunity to tune in with a brew (or glass of vino obvs!), suck up the learning from the comfort of your own sofa AND get involved and interact through a LIVE Q&A!   You don’t wanna miss these – they really are SHIT HOT!!!

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Monday 4th November


Laura Forbes

Laura is our resident Dating Expert – details on this Masterclass to follow!!

Laura Forbes coaches women on how to navigate the minefield that is the modern dating world. She’s also dated more than her own fair share of idiots (for research purposes, obvs!) If your love life is constantly disappointing you, there’s a high chance there is something you need to pay attention to. Quit Dating Idiots can help you to quickly identify your blind spots and create a strategy that takes care of your problems at a root-cause level, rather than merely dealing with the symptoms of the problem.

Friday 15th November


Katie Bish

One of the least talked about changes during menopause is how it affects your skincare and makeup routine. Your skin can go from oily to super dry and your skin can lose elasticity seemingly overnight! As your skin and features change your make up bag and techniques will need to evolve – but where do you start? Well – here is a great place!  

During this Masterclass, we will focus on the top five biggest changes to your skin tone, skin type and facial features and how to tweak your techniques to work for the blossoming you.

Katie Bish is a freelance makeup artist with 11 years experience specialising in bringing out the very best in every face she works on. Her style is relaxed, natural and bespoke to each individual client and their unique needs. It is her passion to spread knowledge and guidance to real women across the country through her client work and her Make Up Academy

Tuesday 19th November


Jo Cavalot

Would you love to declutter? Is it on the “TO DO” list and you never get around to it? Have you tried to get on top of it, but it just keeps getting worse again? Jo will be talking to us about how to deal with this!

Jo Cavalot set up DOTTYMOW after she hit a rock bottom in 2012 and realised that she wanted to change.  Since then she has been busy rebuilding her world, facing the fears that were holding her back, finding out what she loves and discovering a true joy and happiness in helping others.

Tuesday 26th November


Chelle Shohet

After the IMMENSE popularity of all of Chelle’s Masterclasses, this time she’s going to be talking about sorting out your seasonal style. We’ve got all your partywear and big day clothes covered.

Resident Expert Chelle Shohet is a Stylist and Confidence Coach and a bestselling Co-author.

Her mission is to change the way women and girls view and treat themselves inside and out by helping women to embrace and fall in love with the amazing bodies they have and discovering their true inner style and confidence.

Monday 2nd December


Claire Gregory

Shyly entitled “Fix Your Fanny” this Masterclass will discuss is some of the most important
muscles of the female body – the pelvic floor.

Claire will be giving you a HUGE boost in confidence, and teaching you how to avoid the tears dribbling down your legs…..

Resident Expert, Claire Gregory runs the Female Fitness Academy. The FFA provides a genuine, no bullsh*t approach to healthy living for mums – The Anti Fad Lifestyle. They believe that The Female Fitness Academy is more than ‘just another fitness craze’, and look at what really matters most to mums – Strength & Health (both mental and physical).

Tuesday 10th December