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We all have core values which we very rarely discuss, however when we get angry at something or someone it is because it goes against our core values. These core values feed into what motivates or demotivates us and we often never stop to truly think about them and what part they play in our thinking and behaviour.

During this masterclass, we will diagnose your core values, discover what motivates you, and you will feel encouraged to make better decisions aligned with both!

Becky is a Solution Focused Coach and passionate about her no-nonsense ‘kind but firm’ approach which moves people forward. She works with small business owners and sole traders by working with their core values to make better decisions, build stronger boundaries and to live a great, balanced and rich life.


Hannah says that Feng Shui is the missing piece on your personal development journey.

Do you ever feel like you tick all of the right boxes in life and yet still something is missing? It’s because your environment needs to be supporting what it is that you are aiming to achieve in life.

This introduction to Feng Shui will explain how using this ancient wisdom can transform your life to bring you more money, more clients, enhance relationships, have a happy home and much more.

Hannah Allan is a Feng Shui expert, specialising in Classical, Intentional and Form Feng Shui. She is passionate about working with women to ensure their home is supercharged and aligned to success, as well as clear of any blockages that may be holding them back in life.


Our Resident Sleep Expert Nicky is back with a new masterclass entitled “Does sleep affect your weight?”, where she’ll discuss the myths and facts surrounding this matter.

With so many factors to consider with weight issues – do we ever really consider the effect that sleep has?

Immersed in life with three small children, a full-time corporate job and various voluntary roles, Nicky got the wake up call to start her own sleep journey after a hospital referral for a possible brain tumour. Thankfully, only a life-threatening sleep debt was discovered and on the road to recovery Nicky realised just how little she knew about sleep and how life changing it could be. Having triggered the desire to share her discoveries with others, Nicky is now a trained sleep consultant, supporting exhausted parents to sleep well and parent with more energy and less stress.


Entitled “Grow into Greatness; proven strategies on how to build a thriving business” this sits in our Pretty Ambitious section. Rachel will talk about her experience and what she’s learned, that you can directly implement to grow your business.

Through the building of her worldwise business BalletBeFit, Rachel recognised the importance of mindset and using certain strategies to build a sustainable and profitable business.

She helps educate woman to have inner strength, remove negative beliefs and help them learn the valuable strategies on how to build a thriving business and to remain ahead and relevant in the incredibly competitive business world.


Ever heard the saying, ‘Everyone has a book inside of them?’ Many writers have used their own experiences to write their fiction or non-fiction books. Writing in all forms can help to release any negative energy, tension or emotion, which in turn has massive health benefits. It allows you to lift any burdens and give you a sense of freedom.

So, do you have a story inside of you bursting to get out? This Masterclass will give you the confidence and inspiration to put pen to paper. 

Victoria J.Brown is a published author of inspirational and women’s fiction books. She has an MA in Creative Writing and holds writing therapy sessions. She is also qualified as a Law of Attraction Practitioner, which she loves to integrate into her own writings. She loves to spread positivity and created an online shop for people to download printable wall art to stay inspired.


A customer journey map is a very simple idea: it is a combination of User Experience (UX) and a visual in the form of a map that illustrates the steps your customer(s) go through in engaging with your company, whether it be a product, retail experience, a service or any combination AND the steps they take once they have engaged with you. However, most companies don’t create the customer journey for a number of reasons. They may not know what it is or how to put one together.

Having a customer journey within your company not only makes it easier for your ideal customer to buy from you but also help you to promote and sell yourself in a way that is natural. During Amanda’s session entitled “Creating a Beautiful Customer Journey, On and Offline” she will show you the 11 steps needed to create the perfect customer journey.

Amanda is a leader in the field of Digital Marketing. She is the Founder of the award-winning company, Koogar, working as a Marketing Architect providing integrated marketing solutions and strategies to Business Owners, Solopreneurs and Marketing Managers throughout the UK. Helping them create an authentic brand without compromise!