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Am I Fit?

I’m a lass who grew up in the 90’s so the word “fit” for me, still makes me laugh! Boys would yell it across the halls at school, and builders would follow a whistle with it in the street. As a teen, I’m pretty sure every girl in my class prayed that someone would call her fit today.

The Controversial Way to Accelerate your Career

How much cash did you spend on your appearance in the last 12 months – including makeup, lotions, potions, ‘procedures’, nails, hair, clothes, shoes & handbags? Then I’d like you to tot up how much you spent on your personal development last year….

I’m Already Assertive…. I think!

Assertiveness is something that I’m good at – when I care about the “thing” in question. But, if I genuinely don’t care, & I’m still pumped from work/thinking about the kid’s schedules/wondering when I’ve got time to get my bits waxed then I’ll utter the words that my husband dreads…..